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January 2011
The Past is Not So Far Behind

June 2010
Dear One-Star Reviewer

May 2010
Kent State: Forensic Audio Experts Uncover Order to Fire on Students

March 2010
Visualizing Success  ≈  Grits: Not Just for Punchlines Anymore ~ The South: Same Country, Different World  ≈  Double Boners on the Dollar  ≈  Wonder Woman Wall Scroll  ≈  Ed Hardy Key Lime Popcorn is for Lovers

February 2010
Go with the Florian  ≈  Is that a color highlighted Vomer bone in your rotating skull animation or are you just happy to see me?

October 2009
Time Bows to No Master

May 2009
Obits: Live, in Digital, on Your Computer and/or Chosen Media Playback Device

April 2009
Sub Mission  ≈  Record Store Day 2009: An Obsessive Nerd and His Money Are Soon Parted  ≈  Ambiguous Headline Mirth: “All bridge nuts must be replaced”  ≈  Dyngus Day in the Year of 13ths in Atlanta: Give Me a Pussy Willow Long Enough and a Pierogi on Which to Place It, and I Shall Rock the Party  ≈  I Dub Thee: Failbunny  ≈  Creativity is Thinking

March 2009
Since “the American reality is the reinvention of itself”  ≈  Seat Belts Won’t Hold Georgians Down: A Casual Attitude Re-Noted - The South: Same Country, Different World  ≈  Seen on the Morning Commute  ≈  Muy Malo! Los Mondo Bongo Rip Off Otherwisz Poster Design. Joe Strummer Spins in Grave.  ≈  We don’t do that so much - The South: Same Country, Different World  ≈  A Comment from the Classics on Bands in the New World of Social Networking  ≈  Obits in Atlanta, Part 2: From the Belly of the Unicorn  ≈  Porches, Patios, Self-Expression, Twitter  ≈  Obits in Atlanta: Froberg and Friends to Make St. Patrick’s Day Less Ridiculous  ≈  Stephen Johnson, Not Steven Johnson, and Stephen Saracino: Many Tiny Things Stacked on Top of Other Things  ≈  Photographic Proof He Is Not Into You  ≈  The Non-Web-2.0 Term “Vested Interest” Comes to Mind  ≈  A Fever for Young Widows  ≈  Emphasis Added  ≈  On the Subject of Information Accountability  ≈  Our Latest Development: The Be Wary, Beware! F. the 13th Hyper-Punctuated Calendar Service  ≈  Niagara Falls and the ’80s Jumper Caught on Tape  ≈  Man Survives Plunge Over Horseshoe Falls  ≈  Including All Known Serifs & Sans-Serifs? Good Luck!  ≈  Cover Flow Has Got to Go: How to Stop Bookmarks Slow Down in Safari Public Beta 4  ≈  Useful is in the Eye of the Superstitious Beholder  ≈  Anarchy Crasher Fails to Live Up to Excitement Promised by Name  ≈  Further Proof of the Power of the Year of 13ths: Top Model, American Idol Succumb to Unluckiest Number  ≈  Street Cred for President: Death Cab and Obama, United via Blog  ≈  We Need Joaquin: A Case for Joaquin Phoenix Over David Letterman, and Allowing Space in Our Media for Shit to Go Wrong  ≈  The Old Joke About Buffalo Drivers: A Winter Statistic  ≈  Pulaski Day: Stay Out of My Wayski  ≈  Old Home Day: Snow and Chesley, Reunited in Georgia

February 2009
The South: Same Country, Different World - Safety  ≈  Pea-nuts… to You: The Great Georgia Salmonella Scandal  ≈  The Year of 13ths: Bringing Changes to a Triskaidekaphobia Blog Near You  ≈  Fortune Advice #3  ≈  Touch and Go Records: 1981-2009  ≈  Carrie Fisher + The Masturbating Bear: 2 Good + 2 Be = Forgotten  ≈  The Music Lover’s More Informed Reaction to the Plane Crash in Clarence  ≈  The Music Lover’s Reaction to the Plane Crash in Clarence  ≈  Is Today Friday the 13th?  ≈  What is Triskaidekaphobia?  ≈  Abraham Lincoln Died Without a Will… But Today He Was Born  ≈  Blossom Dearie: 1926-2009  ≈  Lux Interior: 1948-2009  ≈  Her Name is Leia  ≈  The Princess in the Hard Plastic Bikini  ≈  Records, Robots, and Helvetica  ≈  Site updates, joining the twits  ≈  Bruce Springsteen at the Super Bowl  ≈  A rare form of spinal helicopter blades  ≈  You got to dig it to dig it, you dig?

January 2009
Bootleg Saturday  ≈  The South: Same Country, Different World: Payment in Cash  ≈  Fortune Advice #2  ≈  The important things in life: album artwork and saving money  ≈  Barack Obama is your new RSS feed  ≈  A Date with Robbe-Grillet  ≈  Developing serendipity with Polaroids  ≈  Dancing on tDR’s Grave  ≈  The Designers Republic is Dead  ≈  Surfboards, a half-naked man, and a Bride of Frankenstein wig? It can only be a Les Savy Fav show!  ≈  The South: Same Country, Different World - Might Could  ≈  Niagara Falls! Slowly I trompe’d…  ≈  Neue Haas Grotesk type specimen—now known as Helvetica—on Flickr  ≈  Nuggnuts: Coming up next on the Filet Show!  ≈  Celebrating the Inauguration with Little Pieces of Gold  ≈  Edgar Allan Poe vs. Paul Blart  ≈  Our coffee laughs at us every morning  ≈  Fortune Advice #1  ≈  The South: Same Country, Different World - Lap Bands  ≈  Let’s count the rings around my eyes  ≈  Runnin’ with the songsmith  ≈  An Alternate Scenario and Other Rap Rarities  ≈  Good luck finding a 50 mission cap in the Poncey-Highlands  ≈  What larks!  ≈  2009, Gonna Party Like It’s

December 2008
Mr. Tombstone

November 2008
If they do a live album of these shows, it’ll be called Back  ≈  McCartney 451: My Dream for a Paul McCartney Album  ≈  One director, Mario Bava, decided to scrap them entirely…  ≈  It Takes Five Seconds to Decide  ≈  New Record Store? Spiral Scratch Scratches the Itch

October 2008
Here Comes the Gun

September 2008
Overheard at The Risky Deck: Manliness, Defined

August 2008
This Summer is All About Skulls Sculls  ≈  Summer is All About Skulls  ≈  Update on How to Recycle Old Computers and Electronics in Buffalo

June 2008
Summer is About Skull Rings  ≈  What’s Been Going On Since March?

March 2008
…And You Thought You Were Having a Bad Day

February 2008
The Dangers of Vinyl and Merzbow  ≈  Federman: Blog It or Leave It  ≈  Robbe-Grillet, Dead at 85

January 2008
To Further Clarify, for the Record, What I Was Actually Saying When the Older Woman in Line Behind Me Today at the Coffee Shop Asked If She Could Touch My Hair and I Said “Yes”:

December 2007
Imaginary Conversation Between Two Designer Friends Whom I Speak With Infrequently and/or Haven’t Seen in Person in the Last Four Years  ≈  Hel of a Post

November 2007
Everyone Needs A Hobby  ≈  Seen Your Poster Post

October 2007
The Moving Stats of the City of the Dead  ≈  He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Relation  ≈  How to Recycle Old Computers and Electronics in Buffalo

July 2007
New Service: Donut Consultation

June 2007
Ruda Can Fail  ≈  The Last One at One of the Last Ones

April 2007
A Poem About Coffee While Desperately in Need of That Particular Substance

October 2006
October in Buffalo

April 2005
Bits, Discs, and Blogs  ≈  Transmit This Idea: One Best Beware of Molecules

March 2005
Did He Say Burzum?  ≈  Smygus Dyngus!  ≈  Steve Albini, Websites, and Kielbasa  ≈  Fox Fudges Fucking  ≈  Touch and Go, In The Parlance of Our Times  ≈  A Black Day for Sausage

February 2005
Map Happy  ≈  One Tip and One Passion

November 2004
The Disembodied Hand, and Other Phenomena of ze Donut Parlor  ≈  Stoop’d

June 2004
be on your way

May 2004

June 2003
truth as a substitute

February 2003
the charm of time living in its own context

January 2003
a page ripped from the journal of a disaster in progress

December 2002

October 2002
sedatives, sedatives

September 2002
from darkened corners

July 2002
holidays in the sun

June 2002
embrace epidemic  ≈  veni vedi verde

April 2002

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