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March 15, 2010

Ed Hardy Key Lime Popcorn is for Lovers

The continually expanding Ed Hardy brand has successfully made a transition where many large brands have traditionally faltered: that of moving from tattoos to foodstuffs. Aunt Jemima, Quorn, and Coca-Cola are several notable exceptions.

We digress. The product:

Ed Hardy Candy Popcorn Key Lime Flavor

Aw hell yeah, right? Classy and understated, like all their offerings.

Looking at the box, it has a number of things that would endear it to the majority of Triskaidekaphobia Staffers no matter what it tasted like:

This timeless product is destined to become a classic far and beyond the Valentine’s Day it was intended for, igniting traditions that will last for all our lifetimes. Even as you read this, Junior Acquisition Officers are currently scouring the web to find a new supplier (besides eBay).

As much as we love strange and unusual Flavor Combinations, we were highly skeptical of this mix of candied coating, key lime flavor, popcorn, and America’s leading hot new fading brand.

Gaudy it may be, but after initially (as one taste-tester eloquently put it) “caus[ing] your brain to go all, like, what?”, it settles into a tasty flavor that lovers love. If you are a lover, you should give it to your lover to see them love you all over again. It is lovely to behold, and to be held. Which you will be.

But only if you buy this popcorn.

Otherwise, forget it.

In closing, and to summarize,:
This Popcorn = Yes
Not Having This Popcorn = No.

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