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April 10, 2009

I Dub Thee: Failbunny

As has been noted here before, they do things different here in the South. For instance, they leave mutated chocolate animals on their Walgreens’ shelves:

Melted Chocolate Bunny

That, gentle readers, is a melted chocolate bunny. Out on the shelf at Walgreens. For sale.

Don’t think that is just one unfortunate bunny. Oh no, there’s a whole pride of melted chocolate bunnies available for the discerning consumer. Just look:

Pride of Melted Chocolate Bunnies

Pride of Melted Chocolate Bunnies Close-up

Forgive the iPhonetastic photo quality. Melted chocolate bunnies are skittish in the wild, and our photographer needed to act quickly to catch them.

Perhaps you can catch one for Easter? Or, jus’ fer eats, if’n ya don’t celebrate the Easter?

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