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March 18, 2010

Grits: Not Just for Punchlines Anymore ~ The South: Same Country, Different World

From the Journal of the Southern Expedition:
Further signs of Southern differences have been located, this time within corporate-issued health tips. Once again, the team did a great job of almost immediately spotting items within this document that, when isolated, highlight key sociological differences in the dietary values between Northern and Southern communities in the United States. Two stand out examples are:

Substitute 1 slice of pumpkin pie for 1 slice of pecan pie

Why not just skip the pecan pie? To do so would be, as famous Atlantan Blanche Deveraux would say, unSouthern.

Pumpkin pie is the more common pie choice in the North. Pumpkin pie is also often a healthy choice, if one is choosing between desserts. However, pecan pie is not such a staple foodstuff of every day life that a substitute would need to be found, much less called out in a specific tip. Much more likely would be a tip to not eat any pie, substituting a fruit-based dessert in its place.

A similar substitution tip is recommended for breakfasts:

Substitute grits for fried hash browns at breakfast and you will save around 100 calories

Bizarre. This warrants further investigation.

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