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May 03, 2009

Obits: Live, in Digital, on Your Computer and/or Chosen Media Playback Device

If you’ve read here recently, you know we’ve got a passion for Obits. We got the bootlegged first concert, the digital first single, the album, and the Record Store Day 7” as well. Plus, the shirt, the pennant, the hat, the mug, the stickers, beer cozy, and, well, the experience of it all. That’s it, right? So we thought.

Checking back on the continuous- and surreptitiously updating Obits website (guys, some RSS, please?), we found you can now have your own Obits live experiences, courtesy of the Free Music Archive. Choose from the original first concert, or their April 21, 2009 appearance on WFMU. Sweet bliss.

You don’t even have to brave a sea of aging hipsters to see them—unless they’re your roommates. In which case, you’ve got bigger problems than some digital downloads can solve.

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