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January 24, 2009

Surfboards, a half-naked man, and a Bride of Frankenstein wig? It can only be a Les Savy Fav show!

More proof of getting settled in Atlanta: a Triskaidekaphobian office outing to a “rock N roll” show last night. Les Savy Fav at the Earl, with locals the Twin Tigers opening. It’s strange to be in a bar again where people are allowed to smoke at shows—such things were banned in New York circa 2003.

A quick checklist of the evening:

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention our one-on-one duet with Mr. Harrington last evening, on one of his sojourns into the audience. It was a distinction only held with +/- 50 other people last evening.

A very, very welcome surprise was the addition of material from 3/5 on the setlist. “I never considered that, with two guitarists, they’d be able to play those songs again,” quipped one non-suitably witty office worker. The choices were the creme de early Fav: “Rodeo”, “Scout’s Honor”, and “Je T’aime”. Oui!

For those keeping score, this is our fourth Les Savy Show, spanning two states, two countries, and 10.5 years.

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