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August 06, 2008

Summer is All About Skulls


Not just Skull Rings, but Skulls in general!

Why get the whole skeleton when you can just get a skull? Why get a skull when you can get a whole skeleton? Why not go to Skulls Unlimited and take your pick? Skulls!

And what of summer blockbusters? Perhaps there is a skull there as well? A Crystal Skull, no less? Too bad if they may be fakes, or if others think the franchise has nuked the fridge. Maybe they should see the previous movies and refresh themselves on how Jones, Sr. surfed the tread. People’s memories may make the implausible seem more plausible than it actually appeared. Or it’s the summer heat. Fries the brain. Inside the SKULL!

Perhaps you can prevent overheating with this delicious, iMacian-of-yore-type skull.

Enough skulls and skull rings. One more skull ring for tomorrow so we can get on with the all important stuff: music.

Q: Would a post about skulls be complete without a mention of the Misfits?
A: Hell no.

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