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May 12, 2004


not off on a lark, not buried in a ditch, just a pulled plug from an old host and a slow uptake on a new. no real backups - yes, we know - caught unawares, so plugging the electronic hole that the site drained down has been an adventure in swearing and coffee and going outside for a bit to calm down or maybe looking at a website or tv or something you know to pass the time while trying to ignore the fact that there is this stupid mess that was foisted upon the poor Triskaidekaphobian Staff rather unexpectedly, even if the guy with the server was a nice guy (with or without the server) who gave us lots of leeway considering we only worked together for a few years.

so let’s just attribute this to an enforced spring cleaning. the navigation makes everyone mad, the design is giving all the animals the shakes and - tables? jesus, goddamn tables? - the goddamn tables are going to go. we swear. it’s time to throw things out, and that crapola has got to go in the XHTML Transitional (or Strict) world. as if we all didn’t know that already.

current casualties include: list and linq, service, my heart, all past entries, sanity, Google rankings, evenings, some templates, some laughs, some sighs and - cripes, enough already, right?

eventually there will be the new things, the improved things, and the things that should have been here over a year ago but weren’t. whatever isn’t working just won’t work yet, and we won’t apologize for that.

so sit back and enjoy the mess. read something by paul kruczynski and have some lemonade. the weather is lovely, the laundry is done, and we’ll all have more bikes in the future.

don’t worry, it should make sense sooner rather than later.

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