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November 28, 2004


a while back, in the midst of a summer that many regarded as too rainy, too cool, too much not like the summer you see on the television ads for the things you can buy at Target where everyone dances around shilling product gleefully, it happened that a young man was on the stoop of his current dwelling. it also happened that that day was another one of those too rainy, too cool, too much not like etc., summer days.

an elderly lady, perhaps semi-deranged, perhaps willfully not giving a shit as her non-matching socks and apparel would indicate, happened by. “Nice day”.

and, you know, what to make of it, after hearing so much complaining, complaining, complaining from friends, family, co-workers, news anchors, fellow laundromatarians, and shoot-the-breezy cashiers? “yeah”

“well of course it is, I’m alive aren’t I?”

bing, indeed. score one for the half-full constituency out wandering the streets.

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