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February 20, 2009

The Year of 13ths: Bringing Changes to a Triskaidekaphobia Blog Near You

As previously alluded to, several projects have been responsible for a posting slow down. Rest assured, that’s all it is. We haven’t abandoned ship.

The Year of 13ths

In 2008, it was noted that this year, 2009, was to have an amazing three Friday the 13ths during its course. Obviously, this needs to be commemorated/flagged/sent up as warning/highlighted to the web and the world! So we thought, and so we think. We have several projects dedicated to this amazing Year of 13ths. Two projects have already been posted here, and we consider them to be in public beta right now:

Why This “The Year of 13ths”?

In these times of uncertainty, there are so many things to fear—the economy, spiders, whether your DTV converter will be 480i or 1080p, war, famine, drought, locusts, the resurgence of Barry Manilow’s career—that we don’t need to add 13s to the list. Thirteenths (13ths) can be managed! 13ths (Thirteenths) can even be ok, so long as you can plan ahead. Hence, the services offered above.

How Does This Affect the Site?

To paraphrase John Lydon, as he addressed the Great Southeast Music Hall in 1978 Atlanta: Just read and have some fun, we’re ugly, and we know it.

Changes are coming. The first change is more content, after which will be some facelifts. Watch this space for more public tests. Write if you have any questions.

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