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June 28, 2008

Summer is About Skull Rings

Let’s talk about Skull Rings.

What do you mean you don’t know what a skull ring is? It’s a Skull Ring! A Ring with a Skull! Ultimate toughness! Super bad-ass dirt-draggin’ leather chaps in your face ride your fuckin’ Harley fuckin’ finger accessory for non-conformists only! MegaMacho metal-studded denim-jacket fist crushing ultimate toughest of tough ass teenagers at the mall on saturday rebellion cake! Evil soul-destroying neck tattoo shaved head biker face fury action! Aggressive heavy metal digit decoration that only a mother could loathe! Yes!

So, courtesy of Tony Creed aka TC it is Skull Rings Heaven. I think this refers to the awesomeness of the rings, but it could also be where Skull Rings go when they die.

It was pointed out by my friend that some of these rings had a rather circular naming convention. Such as “Customized War Ring Skull Ring”. This led our team to develop our own potential names:

Skull ring war ring ring ring ring

Skull War Ring of the Ring of Warring War Skulls that War for The Ring of SkullWar

Skull Ring Of Skulls On A Ring That I Made With A Skull

Ah… so much Skull Rings, so little summer to wear them in!

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