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March 06, 2009

Further Proof of the Power of the Year of 13ths: Top Model, American Idol Succumb to Unluckiest Number

As if more evidence was necessary about the truly amazing year of 2009: The Year of 13ths, a cursory glance at pop culture shows two mighty titans bowing to mighty 13.

American Idol: This modern Star Search slipped everyone a nod to bad luck by picking a “surprise” 13th contestant for their initial elimination. In your face, “12”!

America’s Next Top Model: Tyra’s ongoing documentary of uninteresting and largely unattractive young women also went with an initial 13. 13! This before Cycle 13 brings on the shorties. Beware 13! Be prepared for 13!

Speaking of which, Top Model should get to Buffalo, where a preponderance of the ladies are lovelies 5’7” and under. Truly odd. It must be something in the water.

It’s only one week until the next Friday the 13th! Brush up on your history of triskaidekaphobia, watch your feeds, and click back for more information.

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