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March 02, 2009

Pulaski Day: Stay Out of My Wayski

Happy Pulaski Day!

Don’t you celebrate Pulaski Day? What? No?

Well, truth be told, Triskaidekaphobia, despite being filled with polka-frenzied fans of inane Polish holidays, isn’t actually accustomed to celebrating Pulaski Day. As is said:

The day is celebrated mainly in areas that have large Polish populations. Chicago has the largest Polish population of any city in the world, save for Warsaw … Chicago celebrates Pulaski Day on the first Monday in March with an annual parade.

What isn’t said is that our beloved Buffalo, NY has the second largest Polish population in the United States, and it doesn’t make as large a fuss over Pulaski. Perhaps it’s because they’ve already got General Lafayette to celebrate, or it’s just too darn close to St. Patrick’s Day, and the official Polish party of the Buffalo year, Dyngus Day.

Whatever the cause for this partying oversight, it doesn’t mean that we, you or us, shouldn’t celebrate Pulaski Day to the MAX!

Look at pictures!

Listen to music! Here’s a song from Sufjan Stevens

…or here’s a much better song from Ray Henry and His Orchestra—as if he needs an introduction to seasoned music lovers such as yourselves!…

You can even buy a CD to rock out ALL YEAR LONG!

Inexplicably, the CD linked above doesn’t have our obvious favorite music choice for Pulaski Day festivities:

Big Black’s Kasimir S. Pulaski Day (AAC, 3.4MB). To help, we’ve provided a link to this classic so you can get into the true spirit of the day. (Then go buy the album and help Touch and Go out)

Have a beer! Whoop it up! Daj Mi Buzi, baby! Do what you like, but just remember to stay away from the vegetarian kielbasa, and leave the Mrs. T’s pierogi at home. Shit’s nasty, yo. We’ll hook you up with the good stuff.

No need to thank us! What else are przyjaciele od kielicha for?

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