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January 31, 2009

Bootleg Saturday

The title may reference Bowie, but this post has none. Instead, courtesy of Internet Magic, we have two shows from our beloved Buffalo, NY. Years and styles apart, one has to share when the two shows from B-lo randomly show up in short succession, almost exactly 22 years apart. Eat it up, music juxtaposition junkies:

From July 4th, 1986: Bob Dylan & Tom Petty

From July 8th, 2008: Buckethead

…and not a looker in the bunch!

Now, let us pause and reflect on what is, unarguably, one of the finest photos to grace the Triskaidekaphobia Lobby, and a long-time favorite:


If anyone has a better version of this photo, get on the horn. Our interior decorator wants to speak with you.

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