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To celebrate the release of His Name Is Alive's new album, Last Night, Triskaidekaphobia thought it important to highlight this enigmatic ensemble.

This interview took place after His Name Is Alive's set opening for the Red House Painters at Lee's Palace in Toronto, Canada, on December 4th, 1996. Participating in the interview are the Interviewer (I) and Warren DeFever (W), with any other participants being identified as they arrive.

The set on stage, by the way, was comprised of painted set pieces that had blue skies, a sun, a bear, a beaver, a walrus, a penguin and the like. Very cheerful, hence the first question being about it.


Interviewer (I): The first question I guess I'd ask would be about the, uh…set…on stage
Warren (W): Oh yeah

I: Who made that?
W: There's a guy named Davin who's a friend of mine, and he took some of the photos on the new album and he did the press photos, I don't know if you've seen those

I: No
W: Those are kind of funny and he, uh, does some good stuff. He did a video for "Universal Frequencies," he made like a giant whale suit

I: Like the whales on the album?
W: Yeah

I: Were you guys on the road for Thanksgiving?
W: Yeah we were in Hoboken, NJ

I: What did you guys do?
W: We had some friends there so we all got pretty good things to eat, it worked out pretty good

I: Because I know, being on the road…
W: Yeah, the thing that we do, is that we don't really stay at hotels, we don't have like a giant bus, and, um, we have friends in different cities and we just like to stay with them and try to do fun stuff, like we went down to the Gulf of Mexico when we were in Florida and went, uh, we went Go-Karting a couple of times and, uh, we try to keep it kind of friendly so it's, it's. . . more fun than, you know. . .you hear people complain about being on tour all the time but really it's just a lot of fun when you're doing it right.

I: Do you view the live incarnation of His Name Is Alive kind of differently than the studio version?
W: um

I: Because I noticed how all the songs kind of change. . .
W: Not. . .it's kind of like the same thing. We're not trying to recreate it or anything like that, when you go to see a live band you're looking for something and then if you listen to the record you're looking for something different. . . you know, and some bands play exactly the same way the record sounds. . .and. . .you just sort of stand there going. . .I should be at home where it's a little more comfortable and it didn't cost me twelve dollars or whatever

I: You like to change the songs around, for a lot of stuff?
W: We're trying to have a good time

I: Right. Well yeah, it seems that way (Warren laughs) well the stage thing is. . .you know, happy, very
W: friendly

I: upbeat
W: yeah

I: Yeah. I like the bear and the . . . beaver. Have you ever had any trouble with people thinking you are a Christian rock band?
W: Not really trouble, there's definitely…

I: Well not a problem
W: No sometimes it's a problem, there's, um, there's definitely like a. . .strong, Christian following for His Name Is Alive, lot of fans out there

I: Really?
W: Yeah, and I'm not dissing them

I: No (Warren laughs) it's ok
W: Yeah, I mean, we get that a lot

I: People just automatically assume…
W: Some of the lyrics and stuff like that, they just, you know. . .you hear what you want to (laughs)

I: Are you just kind of non-denominational?
W: Yeah. I mean, the name His Name Is Alive comes from when I was in High School, and there's a teacher and he used to love Abraham Lincoln and I thought "wow what a cool name for a rock and roll group," so. . .

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