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January 12, 2009

An Alternate Scenario and Other Rap Rarities

This was supposed to be posted previously, but it may have been delayed by an intense need to buy a new suit. However overdue, rap rarities never get old, especially when they are from A Tribe Called Quest. Since we’ve been celebrating the new Q-Tip and old school rap this past week, we have to point to this early version of “Scenario” in case you missed it first time around.

We were reminded of this over the weekend by a post at Soul Sides about vinyl-only rarities from Marley Marl being released. Oh, but:

Despite what you would expect to be incredible demand for these songs, the EP was pressed up at 350 units. Never to be repressed. … And did we mention it will cost $80?

Yup, and sold out already. But check the MP3s while you can. Old school!

Speaking of old school, for a change of pace today’s old school drum machine action is being supplied by Big Black. The Emperor makes his rounds / Master of all Cats.

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