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March 14, 2009

A Fever for Young Widows

To celebrate yesterday’s Friday the 13th, the second in our amazing Year of 13ths, we were going to actually go out to see bands perform. This would have tied our record (of two) for all of last year in Buffalo, NY. We were very excited.

We were also excited because the bands were a perfect fit for a Friday the 13th/Bad Luck celebration: These Arms Are Snakes, whose name could be referring to a Midas- or Medusa-styled curse upon a person, and Young Widows, whose name invokes some sort of tragedy separating loved (or married) ones early in life, far early than expected.

And, uh, Clouds. Whose name invokes… clouds of… glaucoma… which make you crash your car. Or something. Maybe.


Unfortunately, it was not to be. Thursday the 12th began a series of symptoms that Friday the 13th did not cure. Some sort of fever/exhaustion combo special that is not what anyone would order unless they were a masochist, especially hellbent on disrupting the best laid plans of a Triskaidekaphobia out to get out on the town.

What a drag.

We were really only going to see Young Widows perform. Formed from the ashes of Breather Resist, overall much more satisfying (less HC) than their previous band, and with a Jesus Lizard fixation that extends to naming a song (and pattering the rhythm of) “Glad He Ate Her” after TJL’s own classic “Gladiator”, we were looking forward to being able to see them, finally. In a bar but a ten-minute walk from our home base. For nine USD. Atlanta rules!

But we couldn’t, so we didn’t. No live show, no finally being able to pick up their second album and/or releases from their split 7” series for us. That’s probably best, in these Tough Economic Times™.

It still sucks, however.

See them at their myspace page, then see them in person. The tour continues through May. In another ironic twist of luck, they’ll be in our old Buffalo/Toronto axis two weeks from now.

Oh fate, you fickle friend, now let’s quit the antics and finish this morning coffee!

Ah, yes.

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