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A Little Q&A About: Ze Donut Parlor

Q01: Ze Donut Parlor! Yum!?
A01: If you have to bet, bet on donuts.

Q02: Why?
A02: It is a delightfully furnished area for the staff of Triskaidekaphobia to unwind.

Q03: True, the decorum is lovely?
A03: We hired only the finest.

Q04: So what's the parlor's deal?
A04: A place to relax.

Q05: Its theme, I mean?
A05: As stated before: a freeform area for staff to say what's on their mind. May be philosophical, system reports, lists, observations, commentary on dinner, complaints.

Q06: Hmmph, sounds dodgy to me?
A06: Research shows that giving the workers a means of expression is empowering.

Q07: Hey, you never answered my second question. Why donuts?
A07: Ah, why indeed?

Q08: I suppose it could because the donut has become a symbol in our culture of - hey! you're supposed to answer my questions!
A08: We are?

Q09: Yes?
A09: What makes you think that?

Q10: That's the way this section works, isn't it?
A10: Does it seem that way to you?

Q11: Look, stop it, ok?
A11: Will that make you happy?

Q12: Yes
A12: Ok.

Q13: Can I ask one more question?
A13: You just did.

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