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January 20, 2009

Celebrating the Inauguration with Little Pieces of Gold

It’s impossible not to be aware of tomorrow’s historic inauguration. To celebrate, we at Triskaidekaphobia are posting the following images. Given as a handout this past election day, we were shocked and baffled when we received the following item. The imagery: confusing. The message: unclear. We hope you’re not offended by what you see next. We’re all adults here. We can work together to sort this out:

Doritos Collisions - 2 Parties * One America - Vote 08

Now's the time to be a part of history. On 11.04.08 your voice can make the difference. Be heard. Vote.

“Now’s the time to be a part of history” …by eating doritos? Are the Democrats the “Ranch” party, because they are Blue? Or is it America’s Wild West legacy of rugged individualism as exploited used by the Republicans that make them “Ranch”? The issue is further clouded (or solved) by visiting Beyond the obscene-sounding, male-centric name, it’s a Canadian domain name. So many questions.

However, the chips expired a mere week ago… a week prior to the inauguration. A conspiracy, perhaps?

Either way, enjoy today any way you know how. If not with chips, maybe with clips, like this one of Atlanta’s own Ron Clark Academy and their hit, “Obama Song” (the real song starts at 3:44):

Obama-ba-ba-ba! Obaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaa!

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