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January 11, 2009

Good luck finding a 50 mission cap in the Poncey-Highlands

While listening to a music dispatch from Dr. Wisz (and yo these mixes are Ye Bomb0rz, sir) and doing some encoding, we were subject to a strange collision of time and place. The image below popped up while listening to a Dr. Wisz mix. Coincidentally, it was while (repeatedly and against one’s will) listening to Dr. Wisz mix featuring a live Tragically Hip concert years ago that we, hmm… began to appreciate them more.

The preparation and execution of the Southern Expedition has jarred loose various and sundry materials from the expansive and/or impressive and/or wholly useless Triskaidekaphobia Archives. And so, on this Saturday night, the Archive may or may not be responsible for churning up this memento from its subterranean depths, depositing a reminder of all that we’ve left behind in our laps, swollen as they may currently be after a dinner of gazpacho, enchiladas, and Negra Modelos:

Buy The Tragically Hip at Cavages. See you at the food court!
(click to enlarge)

A single tear rolls down our cheek, as we think of the 100th meridian, and how the Hip always smells like duty. I’m afraid folks here just wouldn’t understand, Gord.

Also: cassettes? Cavages? My, how times have changed—all for the best, my friends, all for the best.

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