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February 02, 2009

Site updates, joining the twits

Some late-evening announcements

As you may have noticed, post frequency/quality has slowed slightly the last few days. This is due to several projects currently in progress. We will ask concerned visitors to please standby. You may stand by any item you choose—a lamp, a liquor bottle, a life-size model of the duodenum built out of dried macaroni, etc—that may help you get through our slowed posting crisis.

Site updates

Some recent changes are the speech bubble for our mascot on the homepage, as well as the proclamation of this being the “official” blog for Triskaidekaphobia. We needed to set it straight, once and for all, that on this domain there is one official blog. Maybe now those yahoos in IT will get the message. Eh, buds?

STweet child o’ mine

Lastly, but not leastly, we have re-joined the worldwide fad of Twitter. Our official term for this behavior is Postin n’ Boastin’. You can catch us Postin n’ Boastin’ at: Fckin 15 Chractr Nme Lmits!

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