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April 04, 2005

Transmit This Idea: One Best Beware of Molecules

“The thing is,” Wise Jimmy said as he tied the guideline tight, “if it’s a good app, you’ll be able to tell by the way people go apeshit about it.”

“Apeshit? Why apeshit?”

“Shut up and tie that other half tight. When it comes to apps, I’m tellin’ ya, Panic knows what they’re doing.”

Today on the roof, tying down dirigibles as various docking schemes were tested, was chilly, but spring was in the air and Wise Jimmy was on a roll. Wise Jimmy, so-called because his words always seem right, once again had a valid point. Panic is a company that inspires devotion from its followers.

With good reason. Panic’s story about Audion is legendary for its candor and wit, their online store a DHTML wet dream. Everything about Panic, including essays about why they started making software, show them to be a company that has a soul. When a company has a soul, it has fans.

With fans, comes recognition of the little touches in Panic’s software. People also begin to build workflow around Panic’s products. Transmit is, indeed, that good of a program.

While Panic may be a great name for a software company (ballsy, honest, and funny all at once), Beware of Molecules is currently the favorite software name in the Triskaidekaphobia Basement Laboratories. Just say it again: Beware of Molecules. Yes, beware, because you never know what those damn molecules may do! Right Jimmy?

“Are you still talkin’? We can laugh all you want later. Now grab that line and help me reel this baby in. We’ve got to help Jay and his friends!”

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