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March 17, 2009

Obits in Atlanta: Froberg and Friends to Make St. Patrick’s Day Less Ridiculous

In the spirit of Happy St. Patrick’s Day, let’s talk luck, let’s talk green, let’s talk about green with envy and the luck of the Irish.

The lucky inspiration for this post began almost a year ago. Hunched over the keyboard some dark day, looking for information on telecaster mods—specifically, the custom bridge pickup Rick Froberg used in his tele for Hot Snakes, whose source we saw once but have been unable to find again, which source if you know it, tell us—we inadvertently stumbled on news which changed our entire 2008.

Rick had a new band called Obits.

What’s more, the source for this information let drop the info that there was a bootleg of their first show.

Holy. Shit.

Bootleg located, downloaded, played repeatedly on the to/from work walk commute—awesome. The web—our usual friend, mother, secret lover—had little to say beyond this. No music sites, no useless Pitchfork article, nothing.

Which was hard to believe, seeing as Mr. Rick had fronted the legendary bands (in ascending and sequential order) Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, and Hot Snakes. Depending on which you loved most (currently: P 7”, DLJ #2, HS #s1&3), this seemed like it should have been bigger news. Maybe it was the mid-tempo-ish pace of the music of the self-cited “old” guys that didn’t set the young’uns hearts a-twitter? No matter, that was last year.

2009: Year of Obits

Now, of course, the music news is saturated. The 7” is (sold) out, the debut album is imminent, and the Obits are going on tour.

Tour? Well gee, last time they went on a short tour, we enviously recalled they came down the East Coast, so maybe they’d hit Atlanta? Oh yeah, they’re hittin’ it all right—right in our hood at the Drunken Unicorn. Memory pays off. Hooray brain! Tickets: purchased.

So forget Meehan’s Pub, we’re going to see a Unicorn about some music it owes us. A unicorn’s not a leprechaun, true, but they are both mythical, drunk, and in this case blasting loud music.

What could be better?

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