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March 07, 2005

Touch and Go, In The Parlance of Our Times

The Triskaidekaphobia Web Management and Online Information Gatherment Staff isn’t surprised it didn’t get a formal announcement about the Touch and Go/Quarterstick Records Web site going up. Also mum were any media outlets. Maybe Pitchfork is just asleep at the wheel, or it got missed, or pushed back with all the information about… whatever it is the kids are listening to these days. Either way, at long, long last, long after all other indie players (including the previous holder of the “Coming Soon!” Award, Dischord) have launched their sites, the best record label in the world has its own site. No more relying on exclusively on Southern Records for information on T&G bands. Touch and Go has officially joined the online world.

Of course, it had to happen eventually. There were signs that Touch and Go understood the web once their bands started showing up in the iTunes Music Store. The new site does have its problems, however. You still can’t order albums online, and the usability isn’t all it could be. Another critique for another day, that. We’re mostly just pleased and surprised to discover the site last week. Who knows how long it’s been up.

Just because information is out there doesn’t mean we’d always know about it anyway. How else can we explain our ignorance of Lebowskifest all these years? Especially given the pastime of Lebowski Saturation during the winter months over the last two years? Hell. We must be fuckin’ amateurs or something.

So how can Triskaidekaphobia really tie this post together? Simple. Because while it may have been funny for the Coen Brothers to have a fake band called Autobahn invoke Kraftwerk in The Big Lebowski, Big Black beat them to the punch by 11 years.

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