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January 26, 2009

Dancing on tDR’s Grave

Though some Triskaidekaphobian staffers donned armbands on news of the Designer Republics’ death, others said good riddance, but more than a few said “Who?”. For the latter, a little history lesson:

tDR was a beacon of originality, arguably at their peak during the mid to late nineties. At the time the studio could do no wrong, producing a seemingly endless run of fantastical sleeve art, predominantly for Warp Records. This mix is a tribute to an era when the names Warp and The Designers Republic were so intrinsically linked, they may as well have been the same company … All tracks are taken from Warp releases (bar one) where the artwork was created by tDR. Also, all are in chronological order of release, starting way back in 1990 right up to 2008.

Download here. Add a little 90s/aughties to your morning coffee. (via via)

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