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June 26, 2007

Ruda Can Fail

No sooner had we written about the joys of supporting your local record store, than we learn that another one will be closing. After 57 years in business, Ruda’s Record Shop will be closing this Saturday, June 30.

Ruda’s holds a special spot in the Triskaidekaphobian’s heart. Not only has the staff had many a fine Dyngus Day polka while listening to albums from Ruda’s, but it is linked, by spirit and by blood, to our very own extended Triskaidekaphobia Family.

Sadly, the article blames that old bogeyman “the internet” for its woes:

Virginia Ruda says more people are buying music off the Internet. She says that’s caused business at her 57-year-old store to decline over time.

Perhaps true, although one suspects the ongoing diaspora of Buffalo’s Poles—both to warmer climes and heavenly rest—may also have something to do with it.

Whatever the cause, another link to the past is severed. So go, and buy a ridiculous Polish button and CD while you can! C’mere, Ruda’s Record Shop, and daj mi buzi once more, for old time’s sake.

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