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March 16, 2009

Stephen Johnson, Not Steven Johnson, and Stephen Saracino: Many Tiny Things Stacked on Top of Other Things

A long day of work began today with a back to back helping of the surname Johnson via RSS. First, Steven Johnson, followed by Stephen Johnson again. Was this a typo on the author’s part? Investigation must be done, web work be (temporarily) damned.

Seeing Stephen Johnson’s work, it was all “Ah yes, hello old friend! We’ve admired this before!”. Except, as the morning brain fog cleared, it dawned it was not Stephen Johnson we’ve admired before. It was Stephen Saracino.

Oh, so many steph/v/ens and johnsons!

Stephen Saracino works with metal in a resulting style that’s similar to the one revealed in Builds’ Stephen Johnson post. See for yourself:

Stephen Saracino:

Detail of Stephen Saracino work

Detail of Stephen Saracino work

Detail of Stephen Saracino work

Stephen Johnson:

Stephen Johnson work

Stephen Johnson work

Fascinating stuff!

Saracino’s work seems like it should garner more attention it currently gets. A short web search revealed little about Saracino’s work. Tucked away in our beloved Buffalo, NY, we only stumbled upon his work through happenstance wrought by proximity of employment. If we didn’t already know where to look, we never would have found pictures of Saracino’s art to share with y’all. Search engines are harsh mistrobotsess.

At first, we wondered if Saracino was working in the style of Johnson, but it appears it could be the other way around. Are there more artists working in this style? If you know of any, do tell. We’ll share what we find (if anything) here in the future.

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