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February 04, 2009

Lux Interior: 1948-2009

Billboard may have had the story, but we didn’t believe it at first. As you probably know, Lux Interior, leader of The Cramps, died today.

In the blue dust of a neon decade, just past mid-point and sloping towards the nine oh, a special message was traded. Rectangular, band names in code, “my mom would freak”, ST, DK - these ciphers held important information. The future spanned from A to B in the only alphabet that mattered to the poor, ignorant masses, yearning to be punk. Equipment in disarray, a stealthy agent dubbed on an Ames stereo that Rosetta cassette that would inform for years. First track a mystery, a cave, distant hooting and hollering. The second track was the prime motivator (P.I.L./Bad Life), but that first track was The Cramps. She Said. A cover, but ooo, it feels so goood.

The founding of the Triskaidekaphobia Physical and/or Virtual Musical Library began with-a why don’t I tell you what it is.

Thanks, Lux, for taking the time.

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