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March 31, 2005

Did He Say Burzum?

Thursday evening comes, and the staff is finally cleaning up after Dyngus Day. The buckets and water guns are all accounted for, the debris of a million disintegrated pussy willow branches swept from the floors and computer keyboards. Get that last Daj Mi Buzi off the walls and you guys can knockoff early, the Head Administrator of Post-Dyngusian Clean-Up says, to be met with cheers. There’s just one detail to clear up.

Somewhere, in the hazy fog of revelry, there’s a memory… an argument over a fact, more Steve Albini, web sites, pointing, celebratory cheers. Before locking up for the evening a small group must check, just to be sure, even though some are a little fed up about the whole thing.

So is it true that Steve Albini said I kinda like Burzum in an interview? He sure did. He also said he’d like to record AC/DC and Willie Nelson—facts which make the cleaning staff’s minds reel in glee.

It’s too much to think about for right now, however. Time to punch out.

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