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January 03, 2009

2009, Gonna Party Like It’s

Pardon the gap, and riffing on Roam Buffalo’s 1999, Gonna Party Like It’s, but here’s our Top 13 of why 2009 is better than 2008, so far:

  1. I have discovered weird latino music on Ciento Cinco PUNTO Tres (105.3) FM—El Patrón!
  2. I got to watch the Marx Brothers’ Animal Crackers again, finally—this time on DVD
  3. The apartment has a balcony
  4. The car is new
  5. The Sabres are 1-0 for 2009
  6. Friends continue to stay in touch (mostly)
  7. It’s near 50 today
  8. The new(-ish) Q-Tip is on the stereo
  9. My offline reading has started again. Being unable to resist new books, it’s a mix of books about working, extraordinary books for boys, terrors of Christmas, cholera, and the emblems of military black projects
  10. I can stop pretending that we may unbox the xmas tree
  11. I have A LOT of VERY CLEAR goals!
  12. The Southern Expedition has been working out very well so far
  13. My hair is shorter (no pictures, sorry)

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