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December 08, 2007

Imaginary Conversation Between Two Designer Friends Whom I Speak With Infrequently and/or Haven’t Seen in Person in the Last Four Years

Sam: Hi! Although I no longer live in Buffalo, I have recently made a bunch of posters for a polka-themed band. What a hoot, as Polish heritage and Polka music are a part of Buffalo’s identity! Viva Polka!

Mark: Hello! While I still live in Buffalo, I have actually gained notice for my poster celebrating Joe Strummer, a man from Britain! Both of these places have names that start with B! Ha ha!

Sam: Ha ha ha! Boy, you are funny! This reminds me of when you used to DJ at the Kingsnake Lounge. I would drink there!

Mark: Yes, I also would drink there! Small world!

Sam: ‘Tis true! (Pause.) Pray tell, do you enjoy the Buffalo Sabres Hockey Organization?

Mark: Most assuredly I do! Although I fear they are not as good as in years past. Like last year past.

Sam: Alas, this is quite true. Speaking of fear, did you know I have a fear of a cooper black planet?

Mark: I did not. But did you know that I enjoy the classic Public Enemy hip-hop group?

Sam: What great news I hear you bringing to me and my ears! For you see, I also happen to enjoy the hip-hop music.

Sam and Mark (In unison): What great luck it is for us to have so many circumstantial similarities to converse about! (Raise glasses) To designers! (Sam and Mark clink glasses together.)

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