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February 28, 2010

Go with the Florian

Sunday just got simultaneously brighter and darker here at Triskaidekaphobia. It turns out that artist Florian Bertmer just launched his own blog yesterday.

Florian’s work has caused many a staff member to stop, pause, and reflect upon in enjoyment, before scurrying off to attend to the latest Paper Stack #8704-1a Overturn Emergency in Room #445. Out of the world of metal/doom/punk/noise-inspired artists, his work stands out for being both excellently done while avoiding most of the hokey clichés that so many, many, M-A-N-Y bands/artists employ.

Some examples of his work are below. One may see (and purchase) more of his work at Shirts and Destroy.

Woman with Three-Eyed Wolf Head. What?

Hagakure III

Viva Hate skull logo

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