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March 18, 2009

Obits in Atlanta, Part 2: From the Belly of the Unicorn

Following up on the pre-show Obits hyping, we feel compelled—nay, happily obliged!—to provide this show summary:


Old guys! Old guys makin’ new music for (sort of) young and (mostly) old alike! Obits! Not dead yet! No way!

The rest of the evening provided some mysteries, that perhaps some kind internet souls will provide answers to. First, the show review:

Orphan: 80s metal shriek-vocaled bass/drum male/female duo. They’re no Sonorous Gale.

Bear Hands: The Detachment Kit as covered by a top-knotted hippy, The Edge (stoned), Fred Erskine’s cousin, and an 80s movie villain prep.

Obits: Yes. Yes Yes. Yes.

Atlanta, Where You At?

After The Earl, we were curious what sort of crowd would be at the more city-like environs of the Drunken Unicorn. If you’ve never been, the club, located in the basement of a skeezy-lookin’ plaza, spreads across two rooms of inspired Unicorn kitsch, murals, and a Space Invaders-tiled floor.

We expected to see all our hip pals from the Majestic, Fellini’s Pizza, and various Midtown/V-H/etc locales at the show. Nope. In fact, the attendance felt sub-Mohawk Place, both in size and enthusiasm. Sure, there was a clutch of enthusiastic older males, but where was everyone else?

Theory List of Where Was Everyone Else?

We suspect the truth lies somewhere in-between those items. It was pointed out, by a Triskaidekaphobian staff member several years junior to the Event Organizer, that they were the youngest person they knew who liked Hot Snakes, BITD. Triangulate for age, conflicting events, Tuesday night… ok.

We still expected a denser, hipper, turn out, however.

How Did It Compare to That Bootleg?

Much better, and that’s not just because we were seeing them live. The songs are tighter, more energy, and some changes that make the songs stronger. We can’t wait to get the album. Some delusional individuals held out hope that it might be for sale at their shows, ahead of its official release date. Those individuals went home sans-album.

Notable Highlight

For an encore, Rick asked if anyone wanted to hear “a crappy punk rock cover”. Of course we did. It was by a Belgian punk band, whose name escapes us currently. One wag yelled out “No Hands” (from Hot Snakes’ Automatic Midnight). Rather than look annoyed, Rick smiled and said “Hey, that’s a quality punk rock cover”. Besides being funny, it’s nice when bands have a sense of humor, and can also give a nod to the fact that their own work may be strongly influenced by others (as was sometimes the case with Hot Snakes).

Notable WTFlight

Yo, Atlantan dude with a shapeless haircut, shorts, and giant-ass plugs in his ears, why the hell are you texting while standing directly stage-right to Mr. Froberg during the encores? Clearly, you are headbobbin’-rockin’ along to the songs, but… look up: it’s the band you’ve come to see. Stop telling someone about it and actually experience it.

Or we’ll smite you with our ear trumpet! Mweh!

Also, on the subject of the heavily perfumed beponytailed matching pop 80s roller derby twins in attendance: what?

That Said

This St Patrick’s Day show was better than a green bagel. Even a free green bagel. Atlanta still confuses us with its audiences, but that may just be the targeted appeal of the last two shows we’ve seen. Still: not impressed.

Here’s to future shows in the ATL. Celebrate St. Obit’s Day this coming March 24th by buying their album.

No green bagels allowed.

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