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January 30, 2009

The South: Same Country, Different World: Payment in Cash

While perusing the literature at one of the local Waffle Houses, we were struck by this curious part of their hiring pamphlet:

Waffle House, Inc. offers competitive pay rates for its Salespeople (servers) and Grill Operators (cooks). They are paid weekly in cash (emphasis added).

We’ve known many types of people, involved in a variegated panoply of studious and sometimes—occasionally—if not outright dubious, then at least potentially illegal activities, and we have never heard of a national or regional business chain offering to pay their employees in cash.

One theory is that some employees weren’t in a position to have actual bank accounts, and would ask Waffle House to cash their paychecks. This could have been a huge headache each payday—so much so, the owners decided to just offer payment in cash.

The other theory is that the owners simply hate paperwork. “Screw it, we’ll let the accountants figure it all out!” they say, then laugh as they smoke cigars and shovel piles of waffles into their mouths, plying the waters of the Georgia coast in their luxury yacht, the S.S. Waffle Bux.

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