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February 27, 2005

Map Happy

‘Tis the season to get map happy. Following up on the previous map excitement, there was this second script for Address Book. Now, Google Maps work in Safari as well. Break out the bubbly, for this is awesome.

Also, how forgetful to mention, the Flickr friend graph map app. We’d say look us up, but Triskaidekaphobia doesn’t hold an account there. Punkrockrat does though. Use him instead (it looks like he needs more folks to link to anyway).

Then, of course, there are books about maps, like this one. It seems an obsession may be forming with maps and to-do lists (not Ta-da Lists, although are interesting too). As the reviewer says “Still, the maps often reflected desire more than reality”. Indeed. I suppose this could be the case for both the above interests. Especially living in a time more fraught with desire than realities. If we were to put a philosophical spin on it, of course.

But as for mapping your music, books, and DVDs (and iTunes library) with Delicious Library? Well, that’s just a practical and healthy obsession.

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