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March 01, 2009

Old Home Day: Snow and Chesley, Reunited in Georgia

We’d like to say that we were offline most of the day due to the rare Georgia snowfall, but it was actually due to hardware failures.

As it was, today felt cozy and familiar: snow falling, Chesley McNeil doing the weather, and the sound of chainsaws buzzing through fallen trees. One difference this time was that the trees fell due to maybe four inches of wet snow. It was also only a few trees, not thousands of them like Buffalo’s infamous “October Surprise” storm of 2006.

Chesley didn’t repeat his warnings from 2006 to not turn on appliances while the power was out and then leave the house. Maybe that’s not as a big a problem down here as it is up North. Then again, the newspeople did tell everyone to turn into a skid if the car slips on ice, and to wear their seatbelts. They know that “safety isn’t the first thing [Southerners] think of” when driving cars!

Yes, a strangely familiar day in these new(ish) surroundings. Hell, one of the stations down here is even showing Off Beat Cinema tonight!

Sometimes, it feels like no matter where you go, there Buffalo are.

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