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A Little Q&A About: Be Wary, Beware! F. the 13th

Q01: Why did you make this?
A01: Because it wasn't there.

Q02: What are you, some sort of comedian?
A02: If you've read the rest of the site, that's clearly not the case.

Q03: You have a point there. So, what's this thing again?
A03: It's a calendar subscription service for tracking when 13s occur.

Q04: Pardon?
A04: It allows you to add warnings to your calendaring applications so you'll be able to see when the next 13th minute, 13th day of the month, or Friday the 13th is going to occur. So you can protect yourself. You know, from bad luck.

Q05: Sounds too good to be true. How much is it?
A05: It's free!

Q06: I dunno... couldn't I just stare at my clock all day?
A06: Well, sure, you could do that.

Q07: Ha! Gotcha - you didn't we'd think of that, did you, smart guy?
A07: Actually, we had. We just thought you were smarter than that.

Q08: Than what?
A08: Than being the sort of person who would stare intently at clocks and calendars, rather than letting amazing internet technology do the job for you.

Q09: You did?
A09: Yes.

Q10: Well, you were certainly wrong on that point! Fooled you, didn't we?
A10: Apparently so! You are definitely a foolish person!

Q11: Wait, what did you say?
A11: That depends, what did you say?

Q12: When?
A12: Just then.

Q13: You mean when I said, what did you say?
A13: Ah, ok. Yeah, that's it. We just said, sorry, we're out of time here.

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