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A Little Q&A About: Service, My Heart

Q01: So, you've got some sort of obsession?
A01: If by being observant you mean obsessive, then yes.

Q02: Why?
A02: Why not?

Q03: What is the motivation for writing about this?
A03: That is why there are categories.

Q04: Oh, ok. so. . . smitten?
Based upon a loose set of scientific principles, majick, and environmental conditions, Triskaidekaphobian Scientists (at this point all male) have determined the serving woman to be "a cutie".

Q05: Those crazy scientists! Ok... um, service with a smile?
A05: Good service is always appreciated. Most likely not smitten, but perhaps.

Q06: Service with a sneer, then, is ...?
A06: Same as with a smile, but with a cynicism that is admired.

Q07: Merely an observation?
A07: Just that. May or may not be a woman.

Q08: But the section is called women of serv-?
A08: Look, the category was added later, ok?

Q09: So by doing this, what?
A09: What do you mean?

Q10: The point?
A10: To pay homage to that ubiquitous and timeless maiden of industry: the servicewoman. Without the service industry their would be no industry, no pyramids, no internet, no fancy red bags or great automobiles to go zoom.

Q11: So is it a tribute?
A11: Jesus, yes.

Q12: you're not a stalker?
A12: No no no.

Q13: So how do you like your coffee, hon?
A13: Black as the devil and sweet as a stolen kiss.

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