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A Little Q&A About: List and Linq

Q01: Obessions?
A01: Currentlee on Ye Platter.

Q02: Bands?
A02: Favorites Nowwe or Favorites of Alle-Tyme.

Q03: Albums?
A03: In Rotation Noweth On Ye Player of Reckords, MP3eths, CDeths or Othyrwise.

Q04: Songs?
A04: Jolly and Foreceful Synging Is Mosteth Appreciated.

Q05: Authors?
A05: Quill-Movers are oft-recognized.

Q06: Books?
A06: Ye phrasing mayeth be deceitful, As All Formms of the Written Worde Arre Coevered: Books, Magazines, Webbesytes and the Gafick Novelle.

Q07: Women?
A07: The Gracefull Tulip Doth Deserve Her Recognition No Matterr Howe Inappropriatte Thou May Thinketh Itt.

Q08: People?
A08: Mostlee To Be Male, but not Alwayseth.

Q09: Things?
A09: Items That May Not Be Obessedeth Overeth, but Whose Composition and Nature Mayeth Interest Ye Staff.

Q10: Sites?
A10: Those Upon Ye Webbe That Mayeth Interesteth Ye Staffe Withe Fancey Designn And/Oreth Whimsical Qualitee Contenteth. Or Ye Ladies Nudeth.

Q11: Reasons For?
A11: Ye Glasseth Is Half-Fulle, In Opposition to the Shameful:

Q12: Reasons Against?
A12: Whose Wicked Arguements Maye Be Logicall As Theyeth Are Maddenning, and In Counterpointe To A Revolving Singularr Ittem That Changeths At Ye Randommeth Intervull.

Q13: Endearing Attributes of this Sad, Snowy City?
A13: Alle About B-Lo/NY, Muthafucka! Yo, This one goes out to all my peeps in the 716 crew, verrily!

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