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A Little Q&A About: Frequently

Q01: What happens frequently?
A01: Trouble.

Q02: What?
A02: Nothing.

Q03: This section looks a little plain?
A03: Information needs no design.

Q04: I disagree?
A04: Ok.

Q05: So this section is for?
A05: Frequently asked questions.

Q06: Oh, like a FAQ?
A06: Yes.

Q07: Makes sense?
A07: Thank you.

Q08: Well, I guess that pretty much covers it, huh?
A08: Yep.

Q09: See any good movies lately?
A09: Probably not.

Q10: Oh - uh... why do you have this section?
A10: People like to ask questions.

Q11: Do people like to seek answers?
A11: Not at this point in the world's history, no.

Q12: Any theories on that?
A12: Yes.

Q13: What do you attribute it to?
A13: Triskaidekaphobia.

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