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A Little Q&A About: Contact

Q01: Can I have Triskaidekaphobia's phone number?
A01: No.

Q02: I need to call Triskaidekaphobia?
A02: No, you don't.

Q03: If I distrust the Post, how may I contact you?
A03: Use email.

Q04: If I distrust the Email, how may I contact you?
A04: Use the contact form.

Q05: If I distrust the contact form, how may I contact you?
A05: Semaphore.

Q06: If I distrust Contact, then what?
A06: Then we should get together and have coffee.

Q07: Is it difficult for you, Triskaidekaphobia, as a large and mysterious web entity, to get out and about on a regular basis?
A07: Triskaidekaphobia has its ways of dealing with this problem.

Q08: Some people have said that you aren't to be trusted?
A08: Don't trust those people who don't trust in Triskaidekaphobia.

Q09: What if we went out for coffee, and I left my [handbag/wallet] on the table?
A09: Triskaidekaphobia would cast it sidelong glances of mutual embarassment at our predicament, before whispering to it all the amorous intentions Triskaidekaphobia has for you.

Q10: Oh, Triskaidekaphobia! Do you always carry on so?
A10: Is the Pontiff Eight-Fingered?

Q11: I am a publisher and I...?
A11: Talk to our agent.

Q12: I am the press and I...?
A12: Talk to our agent.

Q13: Where is a means to contact this agent of yours?
A13: On the contact page, you silly goose/gander.

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