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A Little Q&A About: Orange

Q01: Orange?
A01: the saddest color

Q02: Orange?
A02: lost cousin to black

Q03: Orange?
A03: it has no rhyme in the English language, an aberration, alonely: on the tongue, in the palette, the quiver, stranded in its mission, unnatural

Q04: Orange?
A04: it rises in the Fall

Q05: Orange?
A05: its color, surrounds, to be joined in crepe-folds, streamers twisted,

Q06: Orange?
A06: carved faces, busted

Q07: Orange?
A07: a short story

Q08: Orange?
A08: authored by mr. paul t. kruczynski

Q09: Orange?
A09: started as a test

Q10: Orange?
A10: it became this

Q11: Orange?
A11: started in 1998

Q12: Orange?
A12: four seasons in gestation

Q13: Orange?
A13: is still unfinished

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