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A Little Q&A About: Warren Defever 12/96

Q01: Who is Warren Defever?
A01: He is the songwriter/producer behind His Name Is Alive.

Q02: What is His Name Is Alive?
A02: His Name Is Alive (HNIA) is a band that started as a weirdly gothic home project, morphing into more gothicism/oddity, through 60s pop radio, into 70s jam rock and now into a tasteful modern R&B ("tasteful" = not like what you hear on the radio).

Q03: Are you kidding me?
A03: No.

Q04: And people like that?
A04: Apparently so.

Q05: Do you like that?
A05: The entire Triskaidekaphobia staff has been known to get down to every incarnation of HNIA on a regular basis, even at inappropriate opportunities.

Q06: Huh. So why the old interview?
A06: It has aged well, and touches on many of the side projects of Warren Defever.

Q07: Like what?
A07: Control Panel, Princess Dragon Mom, ESP Family, ESP Beetles, the ESPs, Coloring Books, his producing credits and the Amish.

Q08: I'm not going to ask about the Amish?
A08: Ok, but it's in the interview.

Q09: I will ask why the interview is written in Q/A format however?
A09: Triskaidekaphobia is of the opinion that Q/A format for interviews reveal a more truthful representation of what the interviewee actually said.

Q10: Is this why the interview is transcribed in painful detail, down to every "um"?
A10: Yes.

Q11: Isn't that annoying?
A11: Our staff reports that it does make the transcription take longer.

Q12: I meant annoying to read?
A12: Oh. Well, you tell us.

Q13: Does he know about this interview?
A13: Why is the last question the best one?

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