now our spaces lie in overlap, cities that echo each other in corners and alleys, on deserted days when the sun slants in silence of muted passers-by who don't betray their culture we walk side by side sometimes still I think or hope or hope to think that you can still think of I and think of I thinking of you and of you and I and time gone by in times gone by I did and I do and you are never very far even as you are a smile a memory an arch an adornment reminds me of adorement and although all the alliteration may be admirable its serious as it is gymnastic, as gooey-eyed as it is sentimental which are the same things and it's always the same things in retrospect in all aspects the heart wets the shirt as it bleeds in fondness in bitterness in redress for cluelessness and making a mess of the times we could kiss under the indoor arch to echo the times that were to be the times that were the times that could never be and never were

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