Eight-Fingered Pontiff is very hungry

But we've strayed off-topic a little. As the old saying goes, "Man cannot live on glass alone", and neither can the Eight-Fingered Pontiff.

In this exclusive picture we see the Eight-Fingered Pontiff in the midst of the Majestic Papal Hunger Pain. "I am such a hungry Eight-Fingered Pontiff" he seems to be saying, and, in fact, the Secret Vatican Magnetic Recordings of this event verify that it is indeed what the Hungry Eight-Fingered Empty-Stomached Pontiff is saying. But wouldn't you be hungry, too, if someone placed the other vital component of your diet in front of you? Yes, to quote Winston Churchill, "Flowers are a Eight-Fingered Pontiff's best friend", and this picture proves that. Nothing goes better with glass that a big plate of flowers. Mmmmm, kind of reminds you of like Mom's home-cooking, doesn't it?

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