Eight-Fingered Pontiff looking fine

Because it seems as if your knowledge of Eight-Fingered Pontiffry is deficient, let us help fill in the gaps: The Intergalactic Papal Moon Spa was a huge success, and is often considered the crowning glory of the Eight-Fingered Pontiff's first term as President of the World.

The Spa, as it is known by those who it is known to (mainly astronauts, John Wayne, and all Earthly Marine life), is but one component of the Eight-Fingered Pontiff's STRICT regimen of "Looking Fine All The Time". This practice, oft-abbreviated as the "L.F.A.T.T." or "Le Phat" plan, was first put into practice around the time of King Louis XIV's ascension to the throne in approximately 1438. Above is a picture of the Eight-Fingered Silky and Fine Pontiff at his Exclusive and Expensive Custom-Made Robotic Tailor Squadron's Shop, getting a new Custom Embroidered Scarf. We don't know about you, but from where we're sitting, "Le Phat" seems to be working!

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