Eight-Fingered Pontiff helmetless in the vacuum of space

"Wait," you may say, "'breathe in the vacuum of space'? Are you making that up?" The answer, of course, is no. Why, you must be a heretic for even thinking such a thing.

Any person with even the most rudimentary understanding of the catechism knows that if the Eight-Fingered NASA Space Rocket Solar Powered Pontiff could not breathe in space, he would not have been able to found the first intergalactic Papal moon spa in the Eighth Century. Yes, of course it was the Eighth Century A.D., you morons! For two reasons: 1: Eight is of course the most favorite number of the Super Ground Control To Eight-Fingered Flying Through Space Major Pontiff and 2: to say it would be the Eighth Century B.C. would be ridiculous. The Eight-Fingered Sputnik Voyager Pontiff isn't that old! You really should've paid attention in history class. Otherwise, you would know these things already.

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