Eight-Fingered Pontiff Eating Glass

The Secret Guide to being a Supreme and Indestructible Eight-Fingered Pontiff? Almost as well-known as his ability to breathe in the vacuum of space is the Eight-Fingered Pontiff's ability to eat his weight in glass every day.

Here we see a rare picture of the Eight-Fingered Pontiff at his eating ritual. Eight-Fingered Glass Eating Pontiff is taking part in the taunting part of his meal, wherein he taunts the other guests with his glass-eating skills. This incredible picture makes it feel like you are THERE YOURSELF. It is almost like you can hear him uttering the Divine Taunts to the Startled Guests. "What about you," he says, "do you think you could eat all that glass back there? Because I can, and I will! What do you have to say to that, punk?" To which the most holy Startled Guests respond with "Hallelujah".

"Hallelujah is right", says Eight-Fingered Insane Glass Eating Pontiff, as he bites the neck off the first bottle and grinds the glass between his diamond sharp teeth.

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