Eight-Fingered Pontiff, Jefferson, Baudelaire in Holy See World

Despite Baudelaire's rampant and inescapable drug use, he also had an unexpected hit at Holy See World. "Ol' Bawdy", a ride that combined the still-popular pastimes of mountain climbing, mechanical moose and lusty rhymes, was phenomenally popular. In fact, the legacy of this ride is still with us in the English language. "Bawdy" was a nickname that Eight-Fingered Jive Talkin' Pontiff of The Streets and Sir Thomas Jefferson had taken to calling their French friend as an abbreviation of Baudelaire.

As any student of English knows, "bawdy" is still a term we use today to describe persons who "have the thoughts and motions of a mechanical moose upon a metal mountain on a steel-hulled island". It is not used much except on formal occasions and at Chicken BBQs.

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