The scene depicted above shows the classic struggle between Pope, as represented by the Eight-Fingered Karate Death Machine Pontiff on the right, and Bejeweled and Crowned Robot, as represented by the Bejeweled and Crowned Robot on the left.

This struggle has been well-documented throughout the centuries (Clader, Susan, Vol. 7, History of Pre-Medeival Europe, 1984, Harper-Collins; McStrooley, James, The Kermash: A New Interpretation for Our Modern World , 1958, Bancroft; Kzaadiz, Shaun, A Monument of Time: The Story of the Vatican, 1975, Transpublishing, to cite several well-known examples). Yet the underlying causes of the great Papal/Robot conflict is a matter that has been much obscured through the course of time, to quote Thomas Jefferson, “much like the sands that fall through the neck of the hourglass, so skinny and shapely, like the body of a beautiful woman who, as she leans forward in the market, reveals her voluptuous form to you, ready to be plucked, as if, like a peach, she were a delectable and edible, warm, succulent, fruit.” Indeed, truer words have never been spoken about this matter.

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